Playlist Nov 2012

Been listening to a lot of cool stuff lately. I was searching high and low for songs that I heard in movies like Superbad (it turned out to be Notorious B.I.G's Big Poppa) and Magic Mike (Ginuwine's Pony). There are also acts that I used to listen to a lot in the past but for whatever reason I just grew tired of them ie: Tokyo Police Club, Colourmusic and Paloma Faith. Bat For Lashes and Christina Aguilera both have new albums out (The Haunting Man and Lotus). Bat For Lashes' album is fab just like her previous ones but I was quite nervous for Xtina because her last effort was such a huge letdown. I'm listening to Lotus as I'm writing this entry. Currently at track No.8 (Blank Page) and I have to tell you that I love it so far.

Here's my choice of songs to get you through the day during this rainy season. Enjoy!

1. Laura- Bat For Lashes
2. You For Leaving Me- Colourmusic
3. Walk The Night- The Phenomenal Handclap Band feat. Peaches
4. Bel Air- Lana del Rey
5. Lotus- Christina Aguilera
6. Diamonds- Rihanna
7. Bambi- Tokyo Police Club
8. Too Close- Alex Clare
9. Some Nights- Fun.
10. I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons


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