Kroenenbourg L'Aperitif Fashion Grand Finale

Photo: Jaz Khai

These photos are from a couple of moons ago (or maybe more) at Luna Bar. It was the last Kroenenbourg L'Aperitif party for 2012 when they announced the winner for their design competition.

I was just excited to take my new Margiela x H&M necklace for a spin and of course my fave Blanc courtesy of Kroenenbourg with the company of good friends.

Oh and some random guy asked for my phone number that night. LOL. I guess it was the necklace... I'm sure it was.

And here's a video from the party. It's very lengthy and unnecessary but this is the only video that I could find from Youtube. Seems like they went on and on about Luna Bar instead of the event itself. And hell no! There's not even a glimpse of yours truly in the video.

Song playing inside my head: Maroon 5's Daylight