Playlist: Put It In A Box

So here comes March. I'm just glad that February has only 28 days this year... for whatever reason. It's not like I hate February. I just like the idea of working for at least a couple of days lesser than any other months and still receive a full paycheck. Yeah whatever... It's just a thought.

I ended something a couple of days before March. I set myself free. That's all I'm gonna say. I'm quite private about this kinda stuff unlike those who upload their divorce papers and baby sonograms to Facebook.

Why don't we all just enjoy this playlist. I am listening to it as I'm tapping on this dusty keyboard!

Let these songs do the talking.

1. Fuck and Run : Liz Phair
2. How Am I Different: Aimee Mann
3. I Rather Go Blind: Etta James
4. I Know It's Over: The Smiths
5. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: Wilco
6. How to Fight Loneliness: Wilco
7. Oh, Well Okay: Elliot Smith
8. Love Will Tear Us Apart: Joy Division

*Dido has a new album out; Girl Who Got Away. It's fab!