Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand-Prix 2013: The First

Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand-Prix 2013 took place last month and as always, I am very late with my updates. Planning on posting mostly photos as I've just bought a new camera. Nothing fancy but it does the job wonderfully compared to my old beat-up Canon.

But these photos right here are all taken by my photographer friends. There was this serious Facebook tagging-frenzy going on throughout the STYLO week. These are among the best shots of me partying away at the week-long fashion galore. 

My second day outfit was sponsored by designer friend Fairuz Ramdan. A vintage-inspired jacket straight off the runway from his last show. Let's not go there yet as I guess that alone deserves a separate entry. 

We had fun. We laughed. We partied and witnessed the remarkable work of local designers (including quite a number of international ones from neighboring regions). Fashion week like STYLO is the best opportunity for all of us in fashion to get together and catch up. Everyone was there including those that I seriously wanted to avoid (one particular hairstylist and personal assistant) but overall, I was just happy to see all of them, regardless of whether they pretended as if they didn't know me or forgotten my name. 

Cheers to STYLO 2013! See you again next year!

Fresh off the runway. Models of the moment Tuty and Atikah.

Great designer friends Nurul of nurule, Amir Luqman and Fizi of Fizi Woo

Thanks Julia for the photo. This is from the first night. My jacket is William Liew.

With power couple Ori Chiew and Carl Graham. Wasn't too sure about the Margiela x H&M hair-lock necklace and camo jacket combo

Next up, runway shots. Stay tuned!

Song playing inside my head: Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful