Mercedes-Benz STYLO Fashion Grand-Prix 2013: Men have No Secrets

Joe Chia

Fairuz Ramdan

A Cut Above

Raj Aria for Bon Zainal

Bon Zainal

Hotties of Private Structure

The menswear night at STYLO. I'm still bitter about the A Cut Above show. Nothing to do with Winnie Loo because it's all very personal. Anyhow... I was beyond ecstatic to see clothes made by my good designer friends like Bon Zainal and Fairuz Ramdan on models parading down the runway.

It was a great night. I ended up lost somewhere in Kampung Baru trying to get a cab after late night supper with a bunch of friends. Made it home safely but I left my favorite APC sweater inside the cab.

Shit happens...

Song playing inside my head: Ingrid Michaelson's The Hat