Clive Magazine 5th Anniversary

With cheeky baby Asnie

Ohh! We're reading Clive!

I was at Clive Magazine's Fifth Anniversary party at Luna Bar not too long ago. It was a great night by the pool with live performances by Froya and Azmyl Junior. I played a wee tiny part on the guest-list for the night. My friend Cristabel of Catcha asked me if I could get my friends (all the fab ones) to come to the party- and I did! Most of them showed up and I believe they did have a great time at the party judging from the amount of laughter and of course alcohol consumed at the event.

I stayed on till late with my friend Julian. We chatted away till past midnight along with a couple of other girls. I can't even recall their names but weirdly enough I remember every single details of our conversation that night by the pool.

Strange huh?

Photos by Asnie Sari

Song playing inside my head: Ellie Goulding's Burn