F**k Me I'm Famous at PASSION

I still can't get over the fact that Elvira is a lawyer!

With Sharwita

I went to PASSION at Jln. P.Ramlee for F**k Me I'm Famous Party... well that was quite a while ago but what the hell. We had a blast and everything was fab surrounded by fabulous friends (and new friends) partying the night away like it was Saturday (nope, the party was not on Saturday). Oh! And we were supposed to come dressed up like celebrities. Sharwita was Nicole Scherzinger, Elvira was Lindsay Lohan and I was...just myself because I can't think of any celeb that looks like.

If you are not familiar with the name PASSION, you better get familiar. PASSION is one of the outlets at POPPY Collection which also houses Mandalay Lounge, POPPY Garden and Havanita Cigar Lounge. But most people just refer to it as Poppy.

Group photo before party started to get wild!

I've been to several other events hosted by POPPY Collection, which I'm going to write about within the next few days (promise!). I have to give it to these people at POPPY Collection for coming up with cool ideas and set ups for their events.

You totally have to be there at the next one! Check out their Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/poppygardenKL/info

Photos by Vince of ShutterbugVK and Asnie Sari

Song playing inside my head: Cher's Woman's World