Say It Ain't So

Haven't done this for so long and I'm just not in the mood to put too much focus on work today. Oh and I got so inspired looking at Pat's (Patricia Knudsen) playlist that she posted on Instagram! She's a DJ and has insanely good taste in music.

KLFW party last year with Pat and Ira

So it's Monday and we all have mixed feelings about Monday. I was an hour late to work this afternoon. I couldn't get a cab, I got all sweaty and when it was time to pay the cab driver, he told me he didn't have enough change so I had to go to 7-Eleven and buy a canned coffee although I didn't really want one.

And when I finally arrived at my office, no one was there accept for this one guy who talks so loud and forces everyone to listen to what he has got to say. 

Damn the guy is so loud. He's impossible to ignore.

So here I am at my desk and I will be here until 9pm. Or at least until the last person leave the room. To sum up how my day has been so far (it could get worse!), here's a playlist of moody songs with conflicting feelings thrown in for good effect. 

1.  Say It Ain't So- Weezer
2.  Still Reminds Me- Anggun
3.  Secretly- Skunk Anansie
4.  Shape- Sugababes
5.  Love On Top- Beyonce
6.  I See Fire- Ed Sheeran
7.  Laurel- Goldfrapp
8.  Into The Blue- Kylie
9.  About Today- The Nationals
10. Torn- Ednaswap