The Most Promising

Just a photo not really related to the topic of the day. (Courtesy of Lifestyle Asia)

I've seen people that I know from two or three years back doing very well which I couldn't be happier for. They are achieving greater things than I am. (Well if you really want to know, mine is actually chatting with Matthew Williamson and giving him my name card which I'm sure he sent with his jacket to the dry cleaner)Ya know like an unknown personality who used to register under my name for fashion parties has now become such a household name that sometimes when we bumped into each other at parties (where her name is now on the guest-list with plus-ten), she just walked right past me refusing to notice my existence. Oh! And how about this contestant of a competition whom I was rooting for, won the whole thing, get on the cover of Malaysia’s premiere fashion magazine and now not responding to my text because he is now too busy trying to keep up with other hipsters.

If there is one things that I hate the most in this world, it has got to be arrogance. That and pretentious hipsters, of course but my point is people could be so arrogant. They sometimes forgot where they come from. I just find it hard to believe it people who use their ‘humble beginning’ as an excuse to act like a complete ass-hole.  

Yes it was tough to convince people to understand your brand and actually make money in our minute-size fashion industry where people are more likely to borrow than buy your clothes. Or becoming a new face in the modelling industry when models who have been doing it for more than 10 years is still doing it… but once you get up there, is it necessary to act like a jerk and speak very highly about yourself that sometimes I feel like your head was about to explode?

Gawd! Please stop!

Song playing inside my head: Alicia Keys’ Brand New Kind of Me