Lomography. Fail!

A while ago Lazada Malaysia gave me an RM100 voucher to shop at their new fashion section. I have to say that the options were quite limited back then with just a bunch of 50-something uncle shoes and Korean-made pleather bags.

So I bought a pair of Tomaz leather loafers (it's a local brand) and with a balance of RM10 I decided to add an underwater Lomography camera which looked really cute on the website. It was on sale.

If you are wondering where to buy lomography camera in Malaysia, Lazada Malaysia has quite a number of selections for you to choose from.

After a couple of days or so the camera arrived, I bought a roll of film and it took me half a year to use up all 36 frames in it. I finally processed the film a couple of weeks back and it came back with only 14 usable shots.

I got them transferred into a CD and here are the results:

And these are actually the 'best' among 14 frames from the CD. So I've decided that Lomography is not for me and my cute little camera will have to just sit there on my bedside table as an ornament from now on.

Song playing inside my head: Magic's Rude