All About That Bass

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So I have gained tons of weight throughout the year 2014. I don't mind it that much except for the fact that it makes me lazier and I think I move slower than ever before. But people have a lot of opinions whenever you lose or gain weight. Okay scratch that. Actually, they won't say a word when you've lost weight but they would definitely make a huge fuss even at the slightest sign of your waist getting wider. I guess that's just how people function in general.

I don't do that. Whenever my friends get fat, I just keep quiet. It is none of my business. They could be pregnant with an unwanted child for all I know. I'm pretty damn sure if that's the case, no one should talk about it.

My point is I know I'm not the same size S that I used to be but god also knows that I've been treating myself with good food only because I can afford it and unlike your sad nine to five job, I work from home three days a week in my underwear. That's why I'm fat because I don't have to rush like a maniac to clock in at 8 am in the morning every day.

But it's now 2015 and I am trying to lose weight. I've been drinking infused water and shit. As you can see in my recent Instagram photo, I can still rock my ripped skinny jeans like Jamie Campbell Bower (or not) but I don't mind losing at least another 10 pounds.

Song playing inside my head: Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass (how appropriate!)