Welcome to 2015

New Year is here. It is my little tradition to write a lengthy post to recap on how the year has been for me--- all the good, bad and nasty. This year I'm about a month too late because I've been busy. Even when I'm not busy, I feel like it takes too much effort to write or even turn on the laptop. So here's my recap of 2014. God it's strange that I'm still talking about it when I'm supposed to move forward and never look back.

So let's just do this real quick.

2014 is quite an important year for me as a writer. I managed to get published in magazines, the type that you have to flip through with your fingers. Not one of those PDF shit although I'm pretty sure you can find that version online too. I was offered a freelance job with Top 10 of Malaysia to interview and write about high profile Malaysians from celebrities and artists to businessmen and activists. It was a very healthy working arrangement with the previous editor who hired me until recently when she decided to leave :(

And then there was Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty magazine where I contribute mostly advertorial stuff. Not exactly serving the purpose as a 'human factory for puns' as described by Lena Dunham in Girls but I find myself learning quite a lot about the industry despite my reserved opinion about it. The doctors are very likeable. Sometimes I almost surrender to the temptation of free Botox treatment.

As excited as I am about writing for these two magazines, I still can't get over the fact that Elle Malaysia said no. Esquire passed and I didn't even bother to try my luck other local magazine publications because the HQs are all far from where I live. The Sun newspaper said no too. It bothers me a lot- to face all of these rejections. It makes me question my skills and credibility as a writer. Am I really that shitty of a writer or have there been bad reviews circling around about me?

But late last year I was recommended by an ex-colleague to try out with Firefly Airlines for their in-flight magazine (Fireflyz). I got the gig and now entering my third month with them. It's been okay so far. I work from home most of the week and I get to travel every now and then. Not too bad huh? But I get lazy sometimes working on my own and with other freelance articles to finish, there are days when I get the worst writer's block that I crawled into my bed and stayed there until the next morning. I do get good days too when I can finish a feature story while riding in a car.

I didn't go out as much as I used to in 2014. I guess I'm getting old and prefer being in the comfort of my own home. I bought a rug for my living room last year and that's just huge.

I also learned that the best way to live your life is by doing things in your own terms without feeling the pressure to please anyone. I try to do whatever it takes to make me feel happy. I care less about what people say and I don't have to conform to the standard set by others. I distanced myself from those who do not help me grow or have anything to offer but their negativity and bad energy that suck me deep into their hollow existence. I want to do more and explore more than just talking about buying expensive handbags that I can't afford, Instagraming event photos and queuing up for designers collaboration at H&M.

Above all, I'm just thankful that I am living comfortably and doing things that I didn't know I'm capable of, like interviewing the CEO of a local bank and separating my white and colored laundry. 2014 was great. Let's just see if I could get back my 2010's body in 2015.

Happy New Year!

Song playing inside my head: Sugababes' New Year