7-Day Break from Social Media

I've been meaning to do this for quite sometimes and after almost a week away from the city for Chinese New Year break, I'm feeling more inspired than eve to give this a go. I'm taking time off from social media bitches!

I'm just sick of all my superficial fashion industry friends and their shitty attitude. Don't even get me started on my former college friends who are now all of a sudden the great servants of god and parenting experts. I don't want to see any more Instagram updates on my social media friends' extravagant shopping sprees or vacations that most of the time paid buy some 'white friends' they just met. I also don't want to see links to articles about the current political situation of this country and how they think the country is ruled by idiots. And I mostly don't want to read any more quotes on thanking god and feeling blessed.

I wish I could stay off social media for good, especially Facebook where the mothers of all fake idiots live. But I'm a lifestyle writer/ blogger. Social media is a part of lifestyle and who's going to read my articles if I don't share them with my followers? Or should I delete Facebook and stick to Twitter where I can read witty yet clever blabbering of intelligent people like Lena Dunham and read intelligent articles from magazines like NME and the New Yorker?

Let's just see how this turns out. I think I can do this. I've already put an end to a bad habit that I started back in 2001. It's been only three weeks. I feel like I should stay on the safe side and only write an entry for that once I hit the one month mark.

B4N suckers!

Song playing inside my head: Mutya Keisha Siobhan's Back in the Day