Travel for Work, Work For Travel

Wow! Life’s been crazy hectic. Been travelling quite a bit for work. And working for a monthly publication is not as easy as I expected. Two words: PROOF READING. Well that’s actually one word hyphenated but it’s the good kind of hectic. Being busy is better than having all the time in the world but constantly worrying about days to come… or where to get enough money to pay rent.

A friend once told me. How you spend the first day of the New Year will be the indication of the kind of year that you will be having. I spent mine on a short weekend vacation with two good friends and another friend that I bumped into at the countdown party. It’s only April and I think I have travelled at least five times which is quite uncommon for someone who didn't even register for international passport until last year. I guess my friend Nadya is right!

I never see myself as one of those travelling junkies, thrill-seekers or backpackers (Euw! They're the worst!) but here I am going into my fifth month of writing for a travel magazine. 

Song playing inside my head: Marina and The Diamonds’ I’m a Ruin