Liebherr Ventures Into Social Media

I was invited by Brian Lee, a friend of mine who happened to be a social media expert to a special media event for Liebherr. Not to be confused with sparkly accessory label Judith Leiber, Liebherr is a top innovative brand for premium cooling and freezing appliances from Germany. Leibherr refrigerators, freezer cabinets and also fridge freezer units for domestic use are distinguished by modern design, technical efficiency and convenient operation, keeping the food fresh as well as inspiring healthy lifestyle with practical functions such as BioFresh or NoFrost.

The brand recently decided to venture into social media platform in creating borderless two-way communication with its customers. This is where we come in. Along with other social media personalities, bloggers and Malaysia's top model Amber Chia, we gathered to celebrate the occasion with an evening of fun at the latest show unit at Sunway Velocity Property Gallery. Located just nearby where I live, I decided to drag along my friend to the event.

Canap├ęs were prepared by Chef Sam Yap of  the private kitchen 'Your Place Or Mine?' together with servings of wine and a special cake. We participated in a little game of "Treasure Hunt" which I didn't really pay much attention to until we were told that we could keep the item that we find with our allocated numbers attached to it. I took home a fluffy Crate & Barrels pillow after getting more than 10 likes required on Facebook.

Photo: Like Media

It was a very small yet fun get together. I have been to a lot of big and small events but this one was very well organized and everyone was having such a great time, particularly Amber who jokingly told everyone the Liebherr fridge was hers. Just a few weeks ago I saw a photo she uploaded to her Instagram. The fridge is now hers and was delivered to her house!

Wow! Good job Amber.

Song playing inside my head: Natalie Imbruglia's Cannonball