Kuching: The Ex-Factor

This post is long overdue. It took me so long that the trip now has an entirely different meaning to me. This was last year (2015) and I went to Kuching for the first time with my ex.

It wasn't really an easy vacation to take due to some unwanted dramas that went along with it. In fact, it almost didn't happen because we booked the flight tickets months in advance. But I did have fun and we had our moments there. I didn't have any remorse about experiencing Borneo for the first time with someone that is now no longer in my life.

Kuching, I would like to come back soon. This time with someone new...

Boat ride along Sarawak River

Traditional dance at Sarawak Cultural Village

Rumah Bidayuh

These dusty pink stuff falls out of trees and covers the ground

Tribal decor and musical instrument at the houses

Pua Kumbu mural art

Fort Margherita

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly building

I bought a lot of local crafts throughout the trips and most of them are now on my walls and all over my house

Song playing inside my head: Sam Smith's Leave Your Lover