Shed The Pounds With Vitraplus Cabloc

AJ Research and Pharma (AJRP) Sdn Bhd recently launched Vitraplus Cabloc, a revolutionary breakthrough to get Malaysians back in shape.

Did you know that Malaysians are among the fattest people in Asia? (Dang!) According to the World Health Organisation 2014 report, about 38.5% (11.55 million) of Malaysians are overweight and 13.3% (3.99 million) are obese.

It is not surprising, simply because we all love to eat. Eating has become part of our culture, so much that even in our language, we greet someone “Sudah makan?” or “Sek pau mei” to refer to “How are you”. From street foods to exotic international cuisines, Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to eating.

We indulge in guilty pleasures although we know that Nasi Lemak has 644 calories, Roti Canai 360 calories and Teh Tarik 83 calories. We still go for late night suppers (me), parties (me) or gatherings and get into the habit of sleeping right after eating (also me).

Taking natural products is still the safe way to shed some pounds. Vitraplus Cabloc has set itself apart from others because of its raspberry fruit extract ingredient – the first of its kind.

Vitraplus Cabloc is one of the latest weight loss supplement registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia to help the health- and beauty-conscious stay fit. It is formulated from five active ingredients; namely raspberry fruit extract, white kidney bean extract, green coffee bean extract, gymnema leaves extract and prickly pear cactus stem extract.

Raspberry as the taste of summer is the fruit of choice since the pre-historic days, dating back as far as the Paleolithic cave dwellers. The raspberry ketone, in particular is used in traditional complementary medicine to enhance health efficacy.

Some of the benefits of raspberry ketone are preventing the breakdown of carbohydrates in the intestines, boosting lipid metabolism to reduce fat deposit in fat cells and improving obesity.

In addition, Vitraplus Cabloc’s active ingredients as mentioned earlier further support the benefit of raspberry ketone.

All in all, Vitraplus Cabloc with its high health and nutritional benefits has been tested to help in keeping one in good shape by block carbohydrates, burn fats and high in nutrition.

Vitraplus Cabloc comes in 60 vegetable capsules per box for is sold at a retail price of RM138. Just two to three capsules in the morning after breakfast is all it takes for consumers to see the difference within five weeks. For maximum result, Vitraplus Cabloc is best consumed with a well-balanced diet and regular physical activities.

With local celeb Soo Wincci as the spokesperson for the weightloss supplement, Vitraplus Cabloc is now available in Watsons and all leading pharmacies.

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