Stylishly Late With New Hairdo By Curlers & Trimmers

The Redken NBD Bossy Cream

Remember the last time I had professional haircut at Curlers & Trimmers? So after more than a month since my last visit, I let it grow into my signature mess that I sometimes flat-iron or hide in a big hat when I have to look fancy for events and parties. Honestly, I have been kinda busy with work stuff (mostly freelance) and my clutch bag label that I am so proud of (more on that in the next entry but you can find it on Instagram @tas_kl). But honestly honestly, Hartamas is quite a journey from where I live.

But I knew the trip would be worth while when I finally made it to Curlers & Trimmers again a couple of weeks back. I was supposed to go a week before but I took a rain check, thanks to the stomach flu that didn't even allow me to be five steps away from the toilet!  

The lovely Ms Annita decided to give me her signature versatile haircut that I can easily back comb, side part or even spike up with a little bit of product and... this time around she got me a few shades lighter. I can't exactly recall when was the last time I colored my hair but I knew the time has come for a little bit of makeover.

Annita skipped the damaging bleach but gave me two coats of her choice of brown instead. The first one was very very light and the second one applied on top of it gave it just the right amount of color that is not too shocking but still made an impact. It's a mini makeover so it makes perfect sense.

Designer Nurita Harith showcasing her collection at Starhill Fashion Week

By the time we finished, it was so late in the evening (and on Friday!). The salon was about to close and I was rushing to make it on time for Starhill Gallery Fashion Week and of course, we pulled it off! I arrived stylishly late right before the fashion show started with my new hairdo. But yeah, I changed in Uber...

And there is this fabulous fabulous Redken No Blow Dry (NBD) cream that Annita slipped into my bag before I left her salon. She told me to keep my natural curls but always have a little bit of product like NBD to keep away the frizz. It is very easy to use. I just towel dry my hair, apply a little bit of NBD and style it whichever way I like! No blow dry necessary and it's been a while since I use my flat iron.

So debuting my new hairdo at the fashion event felt really amazing. What a way to make an entrance! 

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