Curlers & Trimmers:All Straightened Up

Since my last visit to Curlers & Trimmers, I kept my curly natural hair for a few months while keeping the frizz at bay with the help of Redken No Blow Dry cream. I love the natural body that it gives and having to fix my curls each time the wind blows is something that I never thought would be an issue until recently. Haha! 

When the time came for another haircut at Curlers & Trimmers, I let Annita decide for me. I was like. "Annita, go ahead knock yourself out!" Shave me bald, give me extension or My Little Pony color; I was game for change no matter how big or small. So my trusted hair-styling expert had a little talk with another expert named Bosco (not to be confused with a local celebrity makeup artist of the same name) at her salon to decide on what to do with my hair.

Annita and Bosco decided to give me relaxing, hair treatment (with Redken product of course), some  highlights and a brand new honey shade. The process took longer than usual but it was totally worth it. The thing about Curlers & Trimmers that I love is how warm and friendly the team is. The trainees who gave me hair wash and treatment always explain the process throughout instead of the usual silent treatment that you get elsewhere. I don't know about the rest of you out there but I always feel awkward lying there with my feet down on a stool and my head tossed back inside the sink. A little bit of conversation always helps to make me feel at ease and keep me from thinking about how ridiculous I look.

Bosco worked really fast and the result was totally beyond what I expected. I mean, I have had relaxing treatment done in the past but honestly I have never seen my hair this straight! And I love the color with the highlights on all the right spots.

So I am planning to bring a friend on my next visit to Curlers & Trimmers because this is the kind of experience that I want to share with someone else. Any takers?

Song playing inside my head: Pulp's Disco 2000