Keeping It Simple With U Mobile Unlimited Hero P78

Not too long ago, U Mobile has launched a brand new postpaid plan called Unlimited Hero P78 at its ‘Unlimited Ideas’ creative showcase. With the new plan, U Mobile users will be able to truly enjoy their passions via their smartphone any day, without ever having to monitor their data usage as it comes with unlimited high-speed data.

U Mobile is all about coming up with unlimited ideas so that users’ passions may be fulfilled. With our latest Unlimited Hero P78, everything is kept really simple. With smartphones becoming more powerful each day, we are also finding new ways to use their data every day. Hence, U Mobile is offering its users continuous high-speed data to do whatever they like, whenever they want.

Aside from unlimited high-speed data, Unlimited Hero P78 also offers Call-Onz™, which gives the users unlimited calls to all networks. All the usage freedom, be it data or calls, is available any day, anytime at just RM78 a month. You really cannot beat that!

Apart from unlimited data and calls, Unlimited Hero P78 is also bundled with Roam-OnzTM, a new service which gives customers 5GB of free high-speed data to roam in 12 selected countries such as South Korea, India and Australia.

To mark the launch of the new product and service, U Mobile hosted an ‘Unlimited Ideas’ creative showcase where they invited Eunice Martin, the winner of the top food influencer award at Influence Asia 2017, to exhibit her work and share her passion for food styling and photography with the audience. As part of the exhibition, Eunice Martin also created an exclusive food art display inspired by the new Unlimited Hero P78.

Unlimited Hero P78 is available to customers from now for a limited time only. For more information please visit

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