SKINEYE - The Eye Of The Skin

The brand spokesperson, Jeffrey Cheng

I was at another Korean beauty product launch not too long ago. Well I am not a huge fan of K-Culture (ie: plastic surgery, copy-paste K-Pop music, pretty boys that look like girls, Korean taking over English channels on cables... I can go on and on and on...) but I have to admit their skincare products are actually quite good. I guess it has a lot to do with us having the same Asian skin type. That's why it works.

SKINEYE is another addition available now in the local market. SKINEYE was born to play the role of lighthouse maintaining healthy skin of people. According to the brand's Facebook page, SKINEYE wants to be our skin guardian that carries the spirit to protect the skin and keep it away from any harmful ingredient typically found in other products.

Well okay...

The main features of the products are:

Hypoallergenic - SKINEYE product used natural ingredients with no chemical preservative and synthetic fragrance unlike other skin care products in the market which contain chemicals, allergen and some contains elements of heavy metal such as mercury.

Eco-friendly - With the principal of being environmental friendly and without destroying the mother nature, it contains natural and suitable ingredients, going through rigorous test before they are being used to produce any of SKINEYE products.

High functional - Aiming to develop high functional products, their R&D team has then work on to produced advance materials and integrating them scientifically based on bio and fermentation technology.

I tried the SKINEYE Blackhead Clear and it really works! It removes blackheads from the pores naturally, as well as any existing oil, dirt, and dead skin cell. Blackhead Clear contains 16 natural plant ingredients and free of paraben, fragrance, coloring, silicon, PEG, mineral oil, TEA, benzophenone. It is also very easy to use:

1. Place a steamed towel on your face to open up your pores.
2. Spread cotton pad thinly in half.
3. Pour adequate amount on cotton.
4. Attach it to the nose for 15~20 minutes.
5. Remove sebum from the nose with application.

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