Style For Style, Best Hannef

Stylist is currently one of the most coveted jobs in Kuala Lumpur fashion scene. Suddenly everyone is a stylist. This nerdy engineering grad fresh out of college is a stylist. Another hijab-clad girl who speaks in funny fake accent is a stylist. A makeup artist has a friend who always tags along and claimed to be a stylist. Heck! There’s even one local designer who recently styled the cover shoot for one of Malaysia’s biggest artist wearing his designs from head to toe.

A bitchy friend gave me funny look when another friend said she thought I would make a very good stylist. I may not dressed androgynous in Monki bell-bottoms like a social media influencer or take daily #ootd against brick wall for my Instagram but I definitely know shit better than all these 20-something bitches combined. I am no longer the canvas of my own fashion experiment because I have been around in the industry for quite some time. Way before FiziWoo graduated and back then when KLFW was still MIFW. There is no look that I haven’t worn and there is no fashion party that I haven’t attended. Well okay I gained a lot of weight too throughout the years. So at the current moment, my options for outfits are quite limited. I stopped wearing white in 2014 but that's beside the point.

To be honest, I have actually found my own style. That’s what happened when you are approaching your mid-30s. If at this age, I am still dressed like one of those kids from Tumblr and replicating Gucci over-styled runway looks from head to toe (because I’m not Jared Leto), there is something terribly wrong with me. So after so many trial and errors, I found out that I am actually a skinny jeans, slouchy tee and ankle boots kinda guy. I switch it up every now and then but never really steer away too far from my mid-2000s band’s frontman look. Think Kings of Leon, Razorlight, Pete Doherty, Kate Moss’ husband and Harry Styles. Yup Harry ‘fuckin’ Style!

My point is I know fashion because I read a lot, I observe, I learn and I have been living it for the past almost 10 years. I may not be the editor of the latest local fashion portal that has just been bought over by an international company and re-branded into a super-glamorous website with promo that features people dancing in an abandoned building BUT I’ve been around. I know better than layering chains over turtleneck or putting models in the same jagged bangs, jet black wigs multiple times. So the kinda look that my ‘friend’ gave (read:shade) in respond to the idea of me becoming a stylist is not at all appreciated. I never judged people that way because I believe we can be whatever we wanted to be.

Song playing inside my head: Bjork's I Miss You