Memorable Encounter at Bell & Ross BR-X2 Preview Party

I was at Bell & Ross party not too long ago. It took place at this posh new hotel's swimming pool bar- Element by The Westin. I was an hour late as usual and decided to skip my signature staples of jacket and skinny jeans combo.I opted for a V-neck sweater instead because it was one of very few pieces of clothing left in my closet that does not make me look as fat as I actually really am. I wore my new leopard lace-up boots. I guess that took the outfit to an #ootd-worthy level.

So I was with my designer friend. We bumped into another designer friend and her model boyfriend. We started talking and drinking but from the corner of my eyes, I saw a familiar looking androgynous photographer standing just a few steps away from us. He saw us but refused to say hi. We decided to ignore him until he came towards us and arrogantly brushed us aside because he wanted to take a photo of my glamorous friends. I was so taken aback that I didn't react. I walked straightaway to the bar instead. I'm pretty sure the best reaction for this particular situation is a) Stepping on his big toes b) Spitting on his cakey face c) Pushing him into the pool.

This particular photographer obviously know us because we were talking and oh-so-friendly not too long ago at Starhill Gallery Fashion Week. My friend told me his make-up was super oily and I remember his fugly sequin top. He even followed my Instagram and I did the same before I unfollowed him when I noticed he unfollowed me first. Thanks to the Unfollow app. You can download it too from the App Store. Very useful to spot fake follow-for-follow bitches.

For him to suddenly went diva on us perfectly show his real character. I get it he has shot the world renowned local singer, Yuna and campaigns for various local brands but if Jimmy Choo can smile and always remember me each time I see him, why can't he? Is he bigger and more important now than local legend Jimmy Choo?

Song playing inside my head: Coldplay's Sparks