Never Again

Denzel Wells (ANTM Cycle 21)

I don’t trust people too easily. I have always been very careful with people because I have no idea what is going on inside their minds and people with bad intentions are very good at hiding things and saying things that are so convincing you even doubt yourself for having doubts. Despite my careful approach to trusting people and building connections, I have been deceived.

I let my guards down for a little bit and I chose to look the other way when I saw that something was not right. Now I paid the price…

I took it as a lesson and part of the journey that has taken me to where I am at this moment. It was a painful lesson to learn but come to think about it, if it didn’t happen and I wasn’t lied to, maybe I would still be at home trying to find excuses to skip my Tuesday editorial meeting and staying up all night watching the latest season of Transparent

Thanks for being the lying asshole that you are, I now have a bag line that I can be proud of, a column in local daily that I contribute to and a whole new experience with someone that is really genuinely nice that treat me like her own little brother.

This is not just me in denial trying to push aside the aftermath of having two years of my life wasted on someone that wanted nothing more than taking advantage of me and basking in my spotlight (a really dim spotlight). This is me trying to make sense of what had happened, looking at the brighter side instead of letting anger and regret taking control of me.

So I have made a promise to myself- NEVER AGAIN…

Song playing inside my head: Sam Smith's Pray