Pestle & Mortar x Nerdunit

Bringing together two of the largest brands from the opposite ends of local streetwear spectrum, Pestle Mortar Clothing and Nerdunit recently unveiled their first joint effort. “Riot For Peace” showcases how the stylistic contrast between the two brands can be brought together in a cohesive design aesthetic. I was there at the launch of the collection held at 2, Hang Kasturi.

The collection features eight garments, two caps and three pins that come together to showcase the contrast of conflict and the flower power movement of the eighties. Marrying the soft pastel elements and hippie-inspired psychedelic designs of the “flower child” hoodie with the raw energy exuded from a leather biker jacket; The “Riot For Peace” Collection is a juxtaposition on a greater scale that transcends simple clothing design.The garments are versatile and easily ready to be worn by members of both sexes.

Check out the collection HERE

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