Get The Look with GHD Gold: Golden Globe Edition

Photo: eonline
WHO: Saoirse Ronan
HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist Adir Abergel
INSPIRATION: “Saoirse’s look was all about creating a
beautiful structured updo that celebrated both feminine and
masculine details with the construction. The look was slicked
back with height, which created masculinity in the front and
finished with a fish tail braid that was spun with silver
threading. “

Photo: Telegraph UK
TIPS/TECHNIQUE: “To start, I applied a volumizing mousse for
extra lift and a heat protectant spray for not only its
protection properties but to also add shine.

Once the hair was prepped, I set a deep side part and began
to blow dry hair with a round brush until completely dry. I
then curled and set the hair using the ghd gold 18k styler
which helped give the hair memory and hold. Once the hair
cooled, I brushed out the set and began slicking hair back
with the side part in place using a texturizing spray.

To finish, I tightly secured the hair at the nape and did a
fishtail braid. I then turned the braid upwards towards the
crown and secured in place. To bring out the femininity in this
updo, I gave the braid details by sewing in silver thread.”

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