Hair Makeover at Hairsoho 176 Avenue

So as a reaction to all the shitty stuff that I had to endure throughout 2017, I decided to keep my hair long-ish and let it grow wild. Okay not really. I went to the salon regularly to shave the sides and back. I touch up my edges at home with some relaxing kit. Well it's cheap and it kinda worked… at least for a while. My hair was totally damaged from using all the products. Plus, the fact that I use a lot of hairspray to style it every day when I go out. Don't get me started on the hair fall! It was really bad.

So finally this year, I decided to go on a complete makeover and get rid of the course, half brown and half black mess on top of my head. Just like any other adults in their thirties, I went to Google for inspiration because I don't trust Instagram. I saw a few different styles that I like but knowing I was gonna go to Hairsoho @ 176 Avenue in Bangsar, I decided to just let my hairstylist do his job. My hairstylist for the day was of course the very well-known, Vidal Sassoon Academy London-grad, Nick Siow. I know I can trust him 110%.

I first went to 176 Avenue when it was first opened and got to know the owner Jolyna along with Nick, the Director for Hairsoho. 176 Avenue is not just a hair salon but a one-stop beauty centre. Hairsoho is where you can get your hair did and maybe hit on the good-looking hairstylists for fun… if that’s what you’re into. While at Lash&Polish, it is all about eyelashes, nails and all the hair that you need to remove that is not on your head, if you know what I mean. The interior is industrial with all the bare walls and untreated floors. Even the building itself really stands out, located right across the street from Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC).

The owner, Jolyna is particularly fun to follow on Instagram. I always enjoyed her vacation updates and photos of her juggling her life as a working mom. Same goes with Nick who always changes his hair. It is hard to keep up. It’s purple in the morning and blond in the evening or something like that. They’re so nice and I’m poor and a cheapskate so when I was there for my little makeover, I used a voucher that I have been keeping from when 176 Avenue was first launched.

So Nick looked at my hair, trying not to judge obviously and I told him to just go crazy. Shave it off or give me the Nineties throwback haircut, I was down for anything. After washing and conditioning with Redken products, Nick worked his magic on my sad hair and turned it into the hair that I need to keep a photo of for future reference. I love it a lot! I’ve never gotten a fade so perfectly done, I couldn’t help but touching it for days. Nick is not the first hairstylist to tell me to embrace my curls but I never listen to them, But I will from now on because I’m done with hair relaxer. I know this haircut that Nick gave me (or versions close to it) will stay with me for the rest of the year.

So thank you very much Hairsoho @ 176 Avenue!

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176 Avenue
176, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur
(directly opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre)
Phone:  +603-22019906 / +60173581756
Operation hours: Every Tuesday - Sunday : 10am - 8pm

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