Makeover 2018

I am so ashamed of myself sometimes for abandoning this blog. But it is just so tough to find the time when I am doing bajillion of other things all on my own. And I was down with fever for almost a week. Now that I am feeling slightly okay, I just decided to pick up my laptop and just put some words together and post something up.

For the past few months since late last year, I have been reinventing my personal style. I’m 34 and sometimes I feel like there is no more look that I haven’t tried and no piece of clothing that I haven’t put on my body. But then I realised that I was wrong because fashion is evolving and we might be wearing the same pair of jeans or shirt today but it is how we wear them that makes all the difference.

I found myself going back to my mom’s and raided my closet (where I store all of my off season clothing) beginning to put them back on in ways that are different than I did nine or 10 years ago. My old denim shorts have been cut shorter and cuffed. They are now basically my daily uniform. My old oversized tees that I hardly wear back in the day are now my absolute favourite. Same goes with old pants that are now my go-to instead of my worn to death skinny jeans. My leather boots have now been replaced with fuss-free slip-ons and sneakers, worn with white socks that I bought by dozens.

And I now have what one of my friends referred to as the fuck-boi haircut. Yes. The weird miniature man-bun is gone and no more carrying around elastics in my jeans pocket. The fuck-boi haircut is just pretty much shaved sides with fades and longer top that is combed to the front. It is hard to explain but you will see what I mean from the photos.

I figured I need a change. I used to be ruthless and adventurous when it comes to fashion. Back then our source of inspiration and ideas are just magazines and blogs. I was always on the forefront wearing the latest trends before everybody else- the short shorts, white skinny jeans, neon tees, graphic hoodies; I wore all of these before you can even see it on the streets. I read about it and dig deep to understand the designer, the trend and perhaps who made it famous in the first place. It wasn’t just a blind copy paste and imitation.

But when social media takeover, everyone suddenly turn into fashion experts, street photographers, fashion stylists; it really disgusts me. These people are imitators and copycats that are just drawn into what’s cool at the moment. Like how no one really cared to queue up for Margiela x H&M because they have very little idea about the fashion house but snagged every piece from Alexander Wang x H&M upon its released simply because these kids know him from looking at social media and favourite Korean Kpop singers are ‘fans’ of his designs.

Ugh! Kpop is the worst!

So that really put me off. It makes me want to rebel on to the other side- anti-fashion. So for years, I wore nothing but black tees and skinny jeans with jackets for special occasions. The only statement that I was making is with my choice of footwear. I wore a lot of boots- chelseas, DocMartens, Timbs et al. I guess it has something to do with my gaining of weight too. But I don’t care anymore.

I just feel like I need a change. I’m not getting younger and I went through a lot last year. I just want to let go of that old me. I want to go back to being the fashion risk taker that I was 10 years ago! Just a few pounds heavier. But that’s beside the point. I am no longer that person. I have different goals and different things that I want to achieve now.  And yes I do want to lose weight too!

Song playing inside my head: Kate Bush’s  A Woman’s Work