Stars in Heaven: Bell & Ross Diamond Eagle

Back in 2016, watchmaker Bell & Ross launched the BR S Diamond Eagle women’s watch. This bold, attractive timepiece pays tribute to the twinkling stars that punctuate the celestial sphere like an array of tiny spotlights illuminating the night. For this elegant model, Bell & Ross used the Aquila, or Eagle Constellation, one of the brightest clusters of stars in the Milky Way.

Building on the success of this first captivating collection, Bell & Ross has decided to turn it into an entire family that will be launched this year. The new additions feature colors like white, grey and pink which evoke the heavens. Grey represents the moon. White evokes fluffy cumulonimbus or cirrus clouds and pink, which graces the sky at sunrise and sunset, recalls the supernovae, the mysterious stars that produce a pink halo when they explode.

Each of the stylish colors comes in two distinct versions. The “simple” variant, whose delicate “Constellation” dial is adorned with a host of tiny diamonds. The “diamond” variant, a more precious version featuring a bezel set with 66 diamonds that makes it a piece of jewelry in watch form.

The graphical shape of the BR S Diamond Eagle is composed of a circle within a square. This assembly forms a kind of “porthole” that reveals the diamonds on the elegant dial in a subtle representation of the celestial sphere. This collection of timeless, feminine watches comprises delicate and precious horological jewelry pieces, all inspired by the limitless expansion of the heavens.

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