The Ever Consistent KLFW Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2019

My lewks for #KLFW2019. The pouch bags are TAS KL (collaboration with RL Menswear) of course.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2019 (KLFW 2019) took place at the exact same venue where it was first held 6 years ago. I used to get all-access media pass to attend all the shows but now that I am no longer attached to any publications, the invitations come mostly from the designers, those that I have been lucky enough to call my friends while the rest of them are just people that I used to dance with at parties but ignored me completely on Facebook and Instagram.

KLFW has managed to remain consistent after all these years. Even though, I am not in the position to write a full length review (I only went for three shows) but I could say that it felt like stepping into a time capsule.

Let me start a list so that I can make each point short and clear. Who still read lengthy articles on their mobile anyway?

1. Shopping mall is still a strange choice of venue for an event as important and ‘prestigious’ as KLFW. At Afiq M show, each time the models came out in a sheer or high slit dresses, a group of mat rempits would scream (the way that they do watching buskers perform in front of Sogo) from the upper floor. 

Afiq M
2. Showcasing only RTW collections, some designers still didn’t get the memo and sent their couture pieces down the runway in all of their fullest glory.

Andy Bandy
3. Although it seems like KLFW is open for all local designers to participate, most of the prominent names in the local fashion industry are obviously absent and nowhere to be seen. Instead, the slots are dominated by newbies (ie: nobodies). Like this one streetwear brand trying so hard to catch up with Instagram fashion trends with its collection of techwear (how 2017 of you), some social media influencer collaborations (I thought they were dead) and products by the sponsors modeled on the runway like they’re the next big trend (laptops and tablets on the catwalk?)

Photo: Budiey

4. Bremen Wong headgears and accessories
5. Backstage drama involving models
6. All the gay guys who use obsolete words like fashionista and think that skinny jeans are still cool peacocking like ayam kampung at the venue
7. Hijabis turned up in short skirts and claimed that they are wearing nude stocking underneath

8.Not even as little as bottled water and spring rolls were offered to all of us at the event that right after each show is over, everyone will either hit the mamaks or Kg Baru for food

9. Fanny packs and Filas everywhere

10. My friends and I reminiscing the good old days when fashion week means champagne, afterparty, local couture and real fabulous people in the guest list.

Anthing else to add to the list?