Wardrobe Capsule Collection 2019

Wardrobe just recently announced the launch of their Capsule Collection 2019 and I was there of course along with my crew. From a tailored lounge suit for formal settings to the sports jacket made for smart-casual encounters, the collection highlights 10 distinct looks comprising of five key pieces fit for every occasion. A must-have for stylish city slickers with great taste and gentleman lifestyle, I try to fit each pieces from the collection into my personal style.

The Lounge Suit is more formal compared to The Day Suit. It is also what I have been wearing a lot lately. I have a penchant for mixing bulky double-breasted suit jacket with pin-striped pants accessorized with wallet chain and leather pouch bag.

The Blazer carries a navy-blue undertone which is my favorite color for formal wear after black or whenever I don't feel like looking too goth from head to toe. Instead of black, a white tee or button down shirt is a better option to wear underneath.

The Sports Jacket offers more colorful options for social occasions. Color is not exactly on the top of my list when mix and matching my outfit but it is not totally out of the question.

For black-tie and dinner parties, the Tuxedo and The Dinner Jacket are another available variations to consider from the Capsule Collection. But is there any upcoming black-tie event in my calendar? Wardrobe, we'll be in touch.

With ten looks seamlessly fitting into all daily needs, Wardrobe’s latest Capsule Collection 2019 is a definite pick for the fashion-conscious gentleman, who wants to look and feel his best on every occasion and maybe those who do not have personal style as offbeat as mine. But these pieces can be tailored specifically to your preferred colours and designs, following the brand’s made to measure motto. Maybe they can make mine slouchy and over sized too.

More info www.wardrobe.com.my or Instagram: @wardobe.privato