New Electric James Bond Vehicle at WTM London 2019

Moke International is launching its new hotel-and-resort-friendly electric vehicle at this year’s WTM London - the event where ideas arrive.

The iconic jeep-like vehicle has been around since the 1960s. The Mini Moke appeared regularly as the village taxi in cult sci-fi series The Prisoner, featured in a number of James Bond movies and famous early owners include George Harrison from The Beatles and actress turned animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot.

The current vehicles are based on the classic design but are upgraded with modern materials and manufacturing techniques, opening up new possibilities. The vehicles are engineered in the UK and assembled in France.

Around 1,000 will be produced over the next year. The new Cargo Mokes can be used at hotels, resorts and golf courses to transport guests and equipment around the grounds.

They are already a familiar sight on numerous Caribbean and Indian Ocean islands and are increasingly visible around Asia and Central America. It will shortly be available in Europe, with the electric version likely to receive the regulatory approvals needed to launch a new car in the EU.

Roger Moore as James Bond in the 1973 movie Live and Let Die with a Mini Moke

A new electric “cargo” version of the Moke will also be launched, which will be seen for the first time at WTM London. Its presence at WTM London will give it access to potential customers in the hotel and resorts sector. Large hotels and resorts need to be able to shuttle guests around their grounds and beyond. Mokes can be customized to give a branded experience.

The vehicles can also be configured so they can operate either as a four-seater to carry guests or pick-up truck style for luggage and equipment Hotels can also use Mokes to improve operations by getting staff and equipment around more quickly and efficiently, and with the new electric vehicle, in an environmentally-friendly way as well.

Mokes allow hotels and resorts to move staff guests and equipment around efficiently and safely, so the demand is there. It is an instantly recognisable vehicle and expected to inject a bit of retro cool into the event.

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