About Fash by Hannef

Fash by Hannef (formerly Fashunable) is a blog I started back in 2007 to document my personal thoughts and interest in fashion as well as all things related to the subject of lifestyle. From Pop-culture and home-decor to music and independent films, I write about them all from my own point of view.

Back then I was just on the outside looking in. I was fresh out of the uni working my first job but after just a little less than a year I got restless and extremely bored. Without any proper connection to the city's entertainment and fashion scene, I decided to move to Kuala Lumpur to become a writer. All I had was my degree and this little known blog in my portfolio. It is quite unbelievable how a lot of doors have been opened thanks to this blog.

With UK designer Matthew Williamson

I started my writing career (like I have always wanted to) as a writer for online fashion magazine Emmagem.com. Due to the growing demands for men's online lifestyle magazine, Emm-a-man.com was introduced a few years later. I contributed  to both online magazines on weekly basis and I have written almost 1,000 articles.

Along the way, I have also written for other websites and publications including Naza Motors, Calibre, Home Concepts, Top 10 of Malaysia, Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty, The Sun Daily and currently for the official in-flight magazine for Firefly Airlines. I even spent almost two years in between freelancing as a sub-editor for Malaysiakini owned online business news portal- Kinibiz.com.

Under Fash by Hannef, I have collaborated with big names and companies like Lazada, Zalora, Yahoo Malaysia, Jack & Jones, Topman, Guardian Malaysia, Bateriku, Curlers & Trimmers Salon, STYLO, Pisco Bar, Pisidia, Magnum, Nivea and TuneTalk just to name a few. Fash is also currently one of the official blogs for AirAsia.

On the sides, I have also written press releases and profiles for companies and individuals like local model Wilson Tan; shoe label M-Addict, menswear brand KAlif and local designer FiziWoo.

With Miss Petite World, Irene Tan

Fash by Hannef will continue on being a tasteful blog with strong point of view. This is not a money blog where everything is about pay-per-click or multi-level marketing scheme. This is also not one of those blogs with countless selfies of the owner with copy-pasted press release and lazy (paid) entries. I want it to be the blog that matters where people can read something that can hopefully change their lives and help them become more resourceful individuals.

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